Huffington Post: Someday Video Premiere

"A-Sides doesn't premiere music videos often, but when I/we do it's usually for good reason. Below is the new vid from LA indie band Banta for their single "Someday." The song is off their full-length debut album Dark Charms, which drops April 15 (urgh! tax day!) The video, directed by Justin Bauer , is just as striking as the song, which comes off as very Stevie Nicks to me, and melikey. Of the video, lead singer Sharaya Mikael, said, "I've been a fan of Justin Bauer's visual art for sometime. We were very excited that he wanted to work with us. He doesn't typically direct music videos, so this was a fun experiment on all sides. 
I feel like he was able to visually capture the essence of the song, in this tension of waiting for the next thing, but it never really seems to get there quick enough. Its a bit of a tease."

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Do The Bay: Interview W/ Banta

What do you like to see and do when you’re in the Bay Area? Favorite go-to places to eat/drink/hangout? 

We all love a good thrift store find so the Mission is usually where we end up if we have down time. However, we do to try to explore. Last time we played in SF we did the super touristy thing, and walked the Golden Gate Bridge as one happy family. I really wanted to get matching I-heart-SF T-shirts, but the band vetoed me. Im the cheesy band-mom that's always embarrassing them. This trip we are hoping to check out some place called The Hall, heard they have good food and billiards. Always a fan of bars with games. "

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The Owl Magazine: Covers NoisePop Fest 2016 W/ Banta and Heartwatch

Noisepop 2016 is well underway, and Wednesday night San Francisco’s ownHEARTWATCH released their new album at the Independent. They were supported by other locals Rin Tin Tiger and Future Shapes, as well as LA’s Banta. Everyone played great sets and expressed much gratitude at the opportunity to be part of Noisepop.

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The Vinyl District: First Date Interview with Sharaya Mikael of Banta

“My earliest memories of vinyl was dancing (terribly) and wildly to Whitney Houston in my parent’s living room when I was four years old. It was a visceral experience for me, I was often drawn to touch (and break) the needle and feel the record spin. I remember the feeling of carpet beneath my bare feet, I remember stopping only to catch my breath or when my mom told me to turn it off. Those very early interactions with music hugely inform my life as a musician and songwriter today.”

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PopDose: Interview

"Decades after its Sunset Strip heyday, Los Angeles has no shortage of hot new bands on the rise. Phases (featuring the Like’s Z Berg), Halo Circus (featuring Allison Iraheta, one of American Idol’s most talented expats) and Echo Park’s Bantaare well poised to break out nationally as 2016 picks up speed. Imagine if Rumors-era Fleetwood Mac truly went new wave in the early 80’s — that’s just about the sound Banta brings to ‘Someday’, a single from their promising full-length debut, Dark Charms." 

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Buzzbands LA | Ears Wide Open: Banta

If you thought Banta‘s “Dark Charms” was a Fleetwood Mac B-side at first listen, you wouldn’t be alone. The Echo Park-based indie pop sextet’s songs embody so much of the same smooth pop folk-rock swing we’ve got a hunch that their self-titled EP (slated for a June release) is only the tip of the iceberg. Comprised of Sharaya Mikael (vocals/guitar), Kristin Hardin (vocals), Jon Marcu (drums), Scott Clear (lead guitar), Steve Oh Grohne (bass) and Alathea Reece (keys), Banta is a fairly new band but songs such as “Three Feet From Gold” and “Someday” filter their classic rock influences exceptionally well. There’s both charm and a fierceness in their songs that will have you grooving long after listening.