"A-Sides doesn't premiere music videos often, but when I/we do it's usually for good reason. Below is the new vid from LA indie band Banta for their single "Someday." The song is off their full-length debut album Dark Charms, which drops April 15 (urgh! tax day!) The video, directed by Justin Bauer , is just as striking as the song, which comes off as very Stevie Nicks to me, and melikey. Of the video, lead singer Sharaya Mikael, said, "I've been a fan of Justin Bauer's visual art for sometime. We were very excited that he wanted to work with us. He doesn't typically direct music videos, so this was a fun experiment on all sides. 
I feel like he was able to visually capture the essence of the song, in this tension of waiting for the next thing, but it never really seems to get there quick enough. Its a bit of a tease."

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